Ready To Game: Top 5 Pre Built Gaming PCS


When it comes to creating the perfect PC gaming experience, many gamers opt to build their own unit. For others, there isn’t the time or funds to build their own unit. Below is a list of the top five PC gaming units available as “ready to play” models.  Visit Desktop Ninja for a superb in-depth look at the  best and affordable pre-built gaming desk  tops. These Ninjas know their stuff. 

1. Overclockers Asteroid.f01de132020c7ca81b335bee74df6a58



This model has been referred to as a “beefy LAN-friendly PC”, and many praise it’s excellent design. Reviewers have also stated that this model is one of the best-designed gaming PC’s they have ever seen. Not to mention it is never hot, or loud which is also a huge “sell-factor”. However, the cost and limited upgrading space can be a downside for those looking to improve their PC along the way.

2. Lenovo Ideacentre Y900.ideacentre_y900_03

This unit boasts a tool-less design and is rather expensive. The downside is the inaccessibility to cabling, and it is a little on the expensive side. However, in spite of the lack of cable management, there are extensive amounts of space for expansions and upgrades.

3. Alienware Aurora R5.b748d5dce14ad556056c9ecda4b998d9

For many gamers, this brand is iconic when it comes to PC gaming, and is known for bringing massive power in a small unit. This model is easily upgraded, and of course, there is the distinct case design. That being said, there are issues with the PSU getting in the way of the cooler. But, for those looking for the iconic Alienware design, mixed with its outstanding place in the PC gaming world, this unit may be a perfect choice.

4. Origin Millennium.millennium-blk-main-left

This unit boasts immense power and customizable RGB lighting, however, there is also an immense price and the plastic “shell” can be noisy and a little “rattly”. It should be noted, however, that with the cost being as high as it is for this unit, a player will have 4K resolution complemented by a smooth 60fps. So though the price tag is upwards of that of a decent down payment on a vehicle, for the serious gamer looking for longevity in their gaming PC, this is a perfect unit.

5. StormForce Tornado.352a38b4cc1f5813338f54f0ea57c147-970-80

The bonus to this unit is the price tag. Unlike the almost $6,000 price tag on the Origin, the StormForce won’t come at such a cost. It also boasts plenty of drive bays, but it also has a hard disk which increases wait times, and the blue lighting cannot be turned off. That being said, with a $1200 price tag, in pales in comparison price wise to some other comparable units.

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