The Best PC Games Of 2016


At time of writing there may still be a couple of months left of 2016, but it’s already more than clear that 2016 has been a fantastic year for PC gaming. While we’ve seen the occasional brand new release, this has really been the year of new releases in popular game series that have taken their respective franchise to dizzying new heights. During this article we’ll take a look at the key hit titles that we’ve enjoyed so far in 2016, as well as take a look at a couple of impending releases that will no doubt continue this fantastic trend.Click Here for another great list of the top games of 2016.


Civilization VI



Sid Meier’s classic empire building series has been one of the most popular series in PC gaming history. Meiers approaches each new release with a 33-33-33 angle. This approach basically translates as retaining a third of the previous edition’s features, while both enhancing a third of the existing game mechanics and also adding a fresh third of brand new content each time. It’s a novel approach that ensures the franchise remains both accessible and interesting with each release.



Already touted as being a classic in the series, Civ VI allows players to write the history of their people in a quasi-historic fashion, allowing players a completely free hand in how they’ll the game. As ever there’s many ways to win – cultural, technological and of course domination being just three of the paths to victory. It’s beautifully presented and surprisingly accessible even to players who may not typically be that into strategy gaming, and will be a prominent contender for 2016’s game of the year.






Battlefield One



It seems like forever fans of first person shooters have been crying out for a game based upon the First World War, and finally EA Dice have delivered! The genre has generally struggled to remain fresh in recent years, and this game offers players an incredible variety of scenarios, weapons and of course battlefields to enjoy in both campaign and multiplayer settings.



Be it leading cavalry charges in the Saharan desert, dog-fighting in the skies of Western Europe or storming the beaches of Gallipoli, Battlefield 1 is an utterly engrossing game that’s going to deliver fans many hours of rewarding game time. The game is utterly beautiful and really rewards players with higher end gaming rigs, and offers a much more ‘open-world’ mission approach that is usually seen in this style of game. Players are rewarded for thinking outside the box, and with dozens of weapons and vehicles to play with the options are endless. Battlefield 1 will be regarded as a classic and provides a struggling genre with a much needed boost.






Hearts Of Iron IV



Few games are as daunting as the Hearts of Iron series which for over a decade has been delivering armchair generals the opportunity to replay WW2 in extraordinary depth. Paradox Interactive have – to their credit – sought to make this edition more accessible than previous releases without compromising on the detail and exacting pressure that the series is famous for.



To put it simply this is the kind of game which can only be enjoyed on a PC. It’s common for games to last dozens of hours and will appeal to anyone interested in counterfactual history, resource management and exacting military strategy. Not necessarily the kind of game that’s just a pick up and play, but a magnificent way of whiling away those chilly winter evenings! A bona fide classic of it’s kind.





American Truck Simulator – California.



Finally the staggeringly popular Euro Truck Simulator has arrived stateside and as ever it’s an incredibly unusual yet enjoyable game. While the premise may not sound as blisteringly exciting as the other titles on this list, the fact is that few games are as addictive! Offering an extremely relaxing experience while also featuring moments of extreme stress when deadlines are closing uncomfortably near, this is a game that many people have tried out of interest only to find themselves clocking up hundreds of hours of play time.






So just from these four titles alone we can see that 2016 has been a great year for a number of different game genres. Of course the PC platform will always lend itself towards strategic and deep gaming, but we can see from this year that it’s becoming ever better at emulating the all action format more commonly associated with gaming consoles. With the wildly anticipated release of Dishonored 2 still to come before the turn of the year, there’s no doubt this has been an excellent year all-round for PC gaming.


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