Encapsulated Gaming : Best Gaming PC Cases 2016


There are many things to consider when approaching the build of a gaming PC. From the style and overall look to CPU, RAM, memory, and most of all – the case to enclose the precious computer pieces and parts. Currently, there are dozens on the market that would serve a whole host of needs and wants. But which ones are the absolute best? Below are the top three.Click here for another great list. 


1. Riotoro CR1080.riotoro-cr1080-front_w_600

This unit sells for around $80 on Amazon and boasts a small frame but the ability to house a full-size ATX motherboard. According to reviewers, this model feels like one is using magic when they create the perfect gaming computer, all while using a perfectly compact case. This design is brilliant for those with big gaming ambitions, and limited space. It should also be noted that the Riotoro also provides a split compartment in order to separate the PSU and storage. This creates easy access to various drives and smoother cable management. And given the under $100 price tag, the compactness of the unit, and ease of which it can be used, it makes a perfect case.





2. NZXT H440.nzxt-h440-new-2015-edition-hue-review-intro

A little higher on the price scale, this model goes for around $130 and is considered a mid-tower unit. This unit also boasts a nice mix of conservative styling, excellent build quality and a variety of useful features. One of this unit’s more noticeable features is the shroud located at the bottom of the case, this complements the large side window brilliantly offering a clean crisp look. Not to mention it also comes with a grand total of four PRE-installed fans which allows for ample room for a cooling system. Additionally, reviewers have noted that this model allows for a more professional look on the finished product, which would make it perfect for a display piece as well as a brilliant gaming unit.



3. Fractal Design Define R5.4a763872-d668-4362-a13f-80fb2356ddb0

This model falls right in the middle of the price scale (in comparison to the other two units listed above). This model also provides sound dampening material in order to soften the sound of cooling fans, and the cornucopia of motherboard noises one may encounter. Though the exterior is rather plain, that should speak for all this unit has to offer a gamer. It features a slightly reconfigured “ModuVent” system which provides airflow in and out of the top of the case. Plus, with a mid-range price tag, it could be the perfect case for those looking to build a gaming PC, without it shouting to the world “look at me! I’m a gaming computer!”





Whatever the need, there will always be a vast range of gaming PC cases available which can suit every need and desire. Happy building!







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