Ready To Game: Top 5 Pre Built Gaming PCS


When it comes to creating the perfect PC gaming experience, many gamers opt to build their own unit. For others, there isn’t the time or funds to build their own unit. Below is a list of the top five PC gaming units available as “ready to play” models.  Visit Desktop Ninja for a superb in-depth look at the  best and affordable pre-built gaming desk  tops. These Ninjas know their stuff.  Read More


Fractal Design: Top 5 Looking Gaming Pc Cases


There are a million and one options available when it comes to completely the build on a gaming PC. And beyond overall power and output, there is also the end design of the PC. Does the gamer want something that stands out, and proclaims it is (in fact) a gaming PC? Or do they prefer something more subtle? Whatever the case, there are choices and options for all preferences and styles, and below is a listing of the Top 5 Gaming PC Cases:

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The Best PC Games Of 2016


At time of writing there may still be a couple of months left of 2016, but it’s already more than clear that 2016 has been a fantastic year for PC gaming. While we’ve seen the occasional brand new release, this has really been the year of new releases in popular game series that have taken their respective franchise to dizzying new heights. During this article we’ll take a look at the key hit titles that we’ve enjoyed so far in 2016, as well as take a look at a couple of impending releases that will no doubt continue this fantastic trend.Click Here for another great list of the top games of 2016.

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Top rated graphics cards at affordable prices for your gaming needs






What happens when you want to improve your current gaming regime without necessarily having to purchase a new PC? Well, a worthwhile choice for you would be to start purchasing some of the essential hardware components such as the CPU, ram, and the GPU as well. To be specific, the GPU tends to be the most important since it determines the level of quality graphics that you may have for your unique gaming needs. Therefore, an excellent place for you to start would be the best graphics cards on a budget.

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Encapsulated Gaming : Best Gaming PC Cases 2016


There are many things to consider when approaching the build of a gaming PC. From the style and overall look to CPU, RAM, memory, and most of all – the case to enclose the precious computer pieces and parts. Currently, there are dozens on the market that would serve a whole host of needs and wants. But which ones are the absolute best? Below are the top three.Click here for another great list. 

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